Popular Reggae-Inspired Video Games

In their early days, games were mostly limited to skills and abilities (circumventing or destroying the obstacles that scroll through the screen). But with the development of technology, the game characters, and their environments will gain considerably in realism and precision, so, video games will look more and more like movies. Logically, their music also looks much more like film music. Good game music, like a piece of good film music, takes all its meaning within the work and must be judged in function. If you dream of becoming a reggae legend, we offer you to try this excellent Reggae-inspired video game and make your dream come true.

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Bolt Riley: A Reggae Adventure

Corey and Lori Cole is known as the creators of Quest for Glory series, have also co-designed another adventure game where you can become a reggae legend in an adventure game. Bolt Riley: A Reggae Adventure is an adventure game developed by the studio Adventure Mob, which, following a failed attempt at participatory financing, decided to persevere and that ended up paying off, so here we are now with a unique point & click in its theme. Here, no incredible adventures, plots to foil or treasures to be found, but just the daily life of a young artist from Trenchtown, a city in Jamaica that is petting the idea of becoming a Reggae music star. His name is Bolt Riley, and of course, any resemblance to existing or former people would be purely fortuitous. If you’re ready to become a Reggae music star, then Get up stand up and follow these few lines that will teach you a little bit more about this game.

From the first seconds of the game, you will be thrown behind the scenes of a concert, of your gig, accompanied by your group of musicians. Before raising the curtain and setting the audience aflame, you will have to face several successive setbacks that will serve as excuses for the first puzzles you will have to solve. Find the chopsticks of your drummer who misplaced them, take care of the existential anxieties of your bass player who has stage fright, fix your mic who holds on to gum… Here is a flurry of worries that separate you from your stage performance. The rest of your adventure, in this first chapter of Bolt Riley: A Reggae Adventure will be pretty much the same type, during the forty minutes or so of the game proposed by the latter, you won’t have much to put yourself under the enigmatic tooth. One of the main difficulties you might encounter is in the English or Jamaican dialogue sequences that are omnipresent.

The commands are classic for a point & click: simple tactile pressures will allow you to move and interact with your environment, to use objects in your inventory, combine them, you will need to perform a swipe. I want to point out in this respect that the version of Bolt Riley: A Reggae Adventure on screens that are not in 16/9th is currently almost unplayable due to a problem of screen resolution, the inventory becomes unusable. Graphically speaking it is very colorful and rather pretty everything goes well so if one conceals the fact that there are only very few places to visit in this first chapter and that the lips of the protagonists move in an anarchic way during the many dialogues. The sound ambiance is of course composed of Reggae music, but here again, it gets stuck, because it is not varied and besides it is omnipresent.

Bolt Riley: A Reggae Adventure could have been an original experience, but in the end, the many flaws in the title completely spoil the fun of the game and will tend to irritate even the most diligent gamers. Hoping that the second chapter corrects the shot, but not sure that it makes you want to continue for all that.

Bolt Riley: A Reggae Adventure could have been an original adventure, the basic concept is attractive, but you have to face the facts, it’s really platonic and to top it all off, it clearly leaves a taste of unfinished, extremely short, with many flaws, and definitely one might think that it’s not a final version.