Reggae Music in Online Casino Slot Games

Reggae Games Are But A Way Of Life

Reggae is a word from Spanish vocabulary which means “the king’s music” and had been first coined by the legendary Jamaican gospel reggae singers artist Bob Marley. In Latin, the word “region” means “to the king”. The genre of reggae is first noted to date back in Jamaica in the latter part of the 1960s. This genre of music denotes that style of best reggae music that developed from Rocksteady Genres and the Ska genres of music. Jamaican musicians like Winston Wright and Jackie Mittoo shifted to Reggae from Rocksteady with the singles like Clancy Eccles’s “ Say What You’re Saying” in 1967 and Lee Perry’s “People Funny Boy” in 1968. The earliest recorded Reggae song is said to be The Pioneer’s Long Shot (Bus’ Me Bet) in 1968.

Popular Reggae Games

Reggae as a theme is so popular that even the game makers have been inspired to make online reggae games based on the theme. Most reggae games either have a lot of adventure in them or are musical as the culture itself is. To find these types of games, we have a great website that reviews the best gaming sites and gives you the information you need to find your new favorite casino site. Here are the names of some of the reggae games that can be played in leisure to have utmost fun:

  1. Bolt Riley – A Reggae Adventure: Bolt Riley is a poor boy from Jamaica who is on his way to stardom. You get to play Bolt and overcome the challenges that come on your way and reach your destination.
  2. Kingston Crab fighting: you have to help your crab fight all other crabs by walking sideways only.
  3. Is This a Jamaican Reggae Singer or an Italian-American Mobster?: this game is all about guessing between a fake American gangster under the disguise of a reggae singer. Or take a free spin on the best reggae-themed slots games by using the no deposit coupon codes at website. You’ll get to enjoy a lot of great reggae tunes, aside from the lucrative games.
  4. Dovadula’s Burn: in an imaginary town of Dovadula, there lives a Punkkommando who is destroying the town with his bass. He runs away from the police and adopts a fake identity of Capitan Fortuna, a crazy green man. Finally, he goes to the music master Matt Freeman to find a way to destroy the town of Dovodula.
  5. 10 Days to ((WAVE))olution: the ministers of Megapolis has announced that in 10days all music in the city is to be banned. You being a secret radio service have to convince people to stop the banning of music by sending disruptive artists who can change the mentalities of people. You have to look for new strategies to change the minds of people every day to keep the music free and alive for everyone.

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Reggae Inspired Slot Machines

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